Trade Credit Insurance

Insurance cover provides protection for commercial transactions executed by a company (suppliers of goods/services and buyers) against customer insolvency, bankruptcy, dishonesty, or deliberate avoidance of payment for goods, products or services. It covers invoices unpaid under the deferred payment agreement.

Insurance Cover


Recommended for

alleged insolvency of the client – long-term settlement fails of the debtor;

bankruptcy – in case of bankruptcy proceedings;

non-commercial risks are usually covered by a separate insurance policy however, it may be as an additional, broader option;

covers company turnover provides information on creditworthiness assessment, monitoring, and debt recovery services.

operates on the principle of “reinsurance” – due to deductions the policyholder bears the appropriate risk individually, thus only major, unexpected losses are insured. Intended for large companies with good credit risk management;

the credit insurance structure can be used as a basis for financing trade, major foreign investment flows, and other non-standard projects;

business information about buyers;

protection against insolvency risk;

includes debt recovery;

compensation of losses.

all companies that sell goods/provide services by issuing invoices with the deferment of payment;

we highly recommend this insurance cover for manufacturing and wholesale companies.

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