Motor Third Party Liability Insurance

The compulsory Motor Third Party Liability Insurance covers the loss suffered by the victim as a result of the accident caused by the policyholder. Moreover, this insurance covers damage if other people (passengers or pedestrians) or other assets, for example, fence, traffic light signal pole, suffer.

The amount of compulsory insurance for a single accident in the territory of the Republic of Lithuania, irrespective of the number of injured third parties, is EUR 5 210 000 for personal injury (including non-material damage) and EUR 1 050 000 for property damage.

Insurance Cover


Recommended for

other items or objects affected;

environmental pollution;



cost of restoration of good health;

funeral costs;

death of a family wage-earner;

non-material damage.

acts as a cushion against unexpected costs to third parties, their property, health or life.

vehicle owners and/or their legal representatives;

it is compulsory for all motor vehicles intended for land use and registered or being under preparation for registration in Lithuania.

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