General Liability Insurance

General liability insurance is an insurance cover intended to protect against cases of damage caused to the property and/or health of other persons due to the company’s activities.

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Recommended for

civil liability related to the property (premises, territory) managed by the policyholder;

civil liability related to the activity performed by the policyholder;

civil liability related to the property entrusted (this is movable and immovable property owned by third parties);

civil liability arising from the damage caused to the property, health, and life of a third party caused by the actions of the policyholder due to the pollution of the environment (surface and underground, air, water, soil, plants, animals, organic and inorganic materials) and elimination of environmental contamination;

civil liability arises from the damage caused to the environment by the actions of the policyholder, its elements, which (damage) is estimated by environmental protection officials pursuant to procedures laid down in laws and other legislation of the Republic of Lithuania;

civil liability for the non-pecuniary damage sustained by a third party as a result of personal injury or loss of life;

civil liability for damage caused by contracting partners, for which the policyholder is liable under the law when the insurer retains the right of subrogation against the subcontractor;

civil liability in connection with the use, operation and loading and unloading of self-propelled work machinery;

civil liability in connection with the use, handling and loading and unloading of vehicles;

legal defense costs incurred by the insured.

having this insurance ensures the company will be reimbursed for legal defense costs and compensated for the damages to third parties in case of damage incurred to a third party due to the company’s actions;

provides indisputable benefits to both the perpetrator and the victim;

protects the property of the person who caused the damage from the claims made against it;

it guarantees the injured party compensation even if the accused person is unable to compensate himself for the damage caused without the assistance of insurance companies due to its limited economic resources.

all business entities involved in activities;

particularly relevant for the owners of shops, entertainment centers, petrol stations, etc. that daily provides a high flow of visitors;

production and manufacturing companies.

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