Commercial Property Insurance

Insurance against sudden and unexpected events with regards to business-owned immovable property (buildings and other structures), movable property (production and trade facilities, goods, raw materials, stocks, finished products, office and retail equipment, stocks of ready products, etc.) and insurance of other supplementary insurance objects.

Company assets may be covered by all-risk insurance, where the insurance cover is in the event of destruction, damage or loss of property, except for non-insured events or listed risks, where these are specified in the insurance policy.

Insurance Cover


Recommended for

fire, lightning, fluid leakage of the sprinkler system and other fire risks;

water supply, sewerage, heating system accidents, and other water risks;

natural forces – storm, hail, flood, rain, snow pressure, soil collapse, landslide;


glass breakage;

intentional acts of third parties;

voltage fluctuations;

other insured events agreed between a policyholder and an insurer.

compensates for the recovery of any assets to a former state existed before the fire, storm or other major disasters due to which the asset was destructed and material damage was caused to the company;

protects the company from worries and unexpected costs in the event of a disaster and helps to get back to the natural rhythms and flows of working;

this type of insurance is also investment protection and an additional guarantee for the loan;

after major disasters, until the buildings are rebuilt, new equipment is delivered or new materials are ordered, the business process is disrupted – production or service provision is terminated or carried out only partially.

we kindly recommend to insure asset to all companies, organizations, and institutions;

natural persons who use the assets for commercial purposes;

Commercial property insurance is seen as relevant to property acquisition funders (leasing companies, banks).

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